Interning is so important for just about every senior out there. Through the panic of trying to find jobs in the real world we look to interning as a way to break into our industry. This Fashionisto looked office-ready in his attire. Matching jeans with a button-down and a tie is a great look for an office with more of a casual dress code. He paired his ensemble with a pair of ultra-chic Louis Vuitton loafers.

Name: Jimmy Marsanico

Major: Engineering

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Do you find it hard to dress for the office environment?

Jimmy Marsanico: No, I find it pretty simple. Most of the things I have are simple and neat and can be worn in the work enviornment.

CF: Do you prefer to dress up or down?

JM: I prefer getting dressed up because I feel more productive rather than when I am in sweats. I am old fashioned in that respect, I enjoy a presentable attire.

CF: Where do you get inspiration for your style?

JM: I take it from a bunch of different places, anything that is bold yet not too flashy works for me.

CF: What is your favorite brand?

JM: I really like Michael Kors because they have great acessories such as watches and ties.

How To: When it comes to dressing for the office it all depends on what is the dress code for your particular work environment. This Fashionisto has more of a laidback environment. When wearing jeans in the office keep them dark and a slim fit. You don’t want them to look sloppy. Bright colors are great for this spring. A lilac button-down will look great with the dark denim of the jeans. If there is one thing we can learn from this Fashionisto it is, loafers are the way to go. They are so chic and make this outfit complete!

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