Timeless elegance can often be hard to come by on college campuses. But Junior John Anistranski’s sophisticated streak runs deep, tying his eye for aesthetics together with a broader inspiration sparked by the poise of the past. Typically inspired by old photographs, Anistranski adds character to modern classics with vibrant colors and weighty layers. This week, he pairs brick red slacks with a double-breasted blazer and crisp oxford button-down. Paired with a camel overcoat, mahogany colored loafers and dark frames, Anistranski’s ensemble paints an inimitable portrait of comfortable elegance that's guarunteed to stay in style.

Name: John Anistranski

Major: Political Science

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: If you had to whittle down your wardrobe to five pieces, what would they be?

John Anistranski: Probably an oxford cotton button-down by Brooks Brothers, the red pants I’m wearing now, the loafers I’m wearing now, a navy blazer, and a nice repp tie.

CF: Where do you typically find your style inspiration?

JA: I usually look to old photographs of people like the Duke of Windsor and Fred Astaire. Fred Astaire is most inspirational. I think he embodied a casual elegance that set the standard for American men’s style.

CF: How has living in New York City influenced your style?

JA: I think living in New York brings out the epicurean side of anyone. It’s not only inspired more concern with clothing, but also with music and food and movies — the whole lot of it. New York breeds aesthetes.

CF: What is the most valuable style advice you’ve received?

JA: Have fun with it. Standards may be diminishing but that just permits you to set your own.

CF: Describe your style in one word.

JA: Moody.

Hint: Get this Fashionisto’s look by layering a double-breasted blazer under a contrasting coat. Brighen up the look with vibrant slacks or bright bucks.

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