This Fashionisto is one of the best dressed people in the Claremont Colleges. His outfits are always on trend, well fitting and noticeable. Every aspiring Fashionisto/a can take a cue from his daily looks. Blazers are the one items that both males and females should have in their closet. Not only should you have a blazer in your closet, it’s okay to have several! Everyone needs that perfect-fitting and work-appropriate blazer, but it is also good to have a linen one for summer, a boyfriend blazer and an LBB, which is short for little black blazer.

Name: Jonathan Starzyk

Major: Media Studies

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What is your fashion outlook?

Jonathan Starzyk: I like to make things as easy as they possibly can be, which means that I usually let one piece stand on its own. Too often outfits are overpowered by having too many star pieces fight for attention, which can then easily lead in the abyss of tackiness. I also believe that you should stick to items that fit well and can become signature pieces. For instance, I own five different colors of the blazer that I am wearing. They are a signature piece that I can always turn to. I worked as a stylist over the summer and I developed a keen sense of conformability for both myself and my clients. You should only wear pieces that you feel completely comfortable in, that way your confidence will always shine.

CF: What are key pieces that ladies and gentlemen should have in their wardrobe?

JS: There are three black pieces that everyone should have in their closet: an awesome pair of black shoes (oxfords for example), a pair of black skinny jeans or leggings and a good fitting blazer.

CF: What is your dream fashion-related job?

JS: My ultimate goal is to be a buyer. It would be amazing to find new designers, set trends and globetrot in the name of style and fashion. But, after I graduate, I plan on opening a women and men’s boutique with my sisters who are in the fashion business now in Chicago.

CF: If you had to describe your style in three words what would they be?

JS: Colorful, fierce and fun.

How To: First thing's first, get a blazer! Try one in a blue hue for a spring kick. Add a graphic tee to downplay any ideas of  country clubs or stuffiness. Pair the blazer with pewter-colored skinny jeans. Finish off the outfit with a sweet pair of kicks and cool shades.

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