My dilemma of every post is that it's December and it’s not even cold. As much as I want the temperature to start getting colder, I have to accept the weather that I am given every day. There are other important things to worry about other than the weather. Like a good Fashionista, it does not matter if it’s hot, raining or snowing (we don’t have snow here, anyway) we can always step it out and embrace it in whatever situation and look our best.

One of the things you can do if the weather is not on your side is to emulate things with color or shapes. Color is the best and easiest way to say something. Many designers choose a palette of color for their collections every time and people get a feeling of the inspiration just because a color. Being a fan of Project Runway has taught me a lot of things, especially how to use color. Michael Kors has said, “It will look good in a different color” or “You made a mistake choosing that color” or “You chose a color that looks very expensive, I liked it very much.” Taking the words of the designer, you can go so right with color or you can definitely go very wrong.

Saying that, colored denim is still having a moment at UTPA but now in darker tones. You can see Fashionistas/os wearing them with all kinds of combinations, but this Fashionisto did a very good job combining his orange colored jeans. I was just sitting down waiting for Fashionistas when I realized he was sitting in front of me. It looked he was just into his cell phone, so I thought it was the perfect time to speak about his wardrobe and the decision of color. When I saw him and his outfit, I felt the winter, even though it was not cold at all.

Name: Jorge Salazar

Major: Biology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing right now?

Jorge Salazar: My shirt is from Gap and my pants are Levi Brand Jeans. My Vans shoes are so old that I had to put tape on them; they are my favorites. I love them because they go with everything.

CF: What are your favorite stores to shop?

JS: I’ve been starting to wear more shirts than T-shirts lately because I usually run into my research professors so I want to look more professional. I like Gap a lot because they have a wide variety of shirts with a lot of colors to choose. As for jeans, I usually shop Levi Brand Jeans online.

CF: What do you usually wear to keep you warm this winter?

JS: I used to have a gray sweater that I loved but it was stolen from my car, so now I am more into blazers. I like to wear them with T-shirts.

CF: What colors do you like to wear when you go out?

JS: I usually wear more shiny color shirts. I like the ones from EXPRESS because they have also details on the shirts that make them more formal.

CF: I see that you thought your outfit. I mean, you matched the stripes from your shirt with your jeans. How do you know the combination is right?

JS: When I shop new clothes, I don’t usually wear them right away. I like to see how they look with clothes that I already have. Once I try one outfit and I feel comfortable in it because I think it looks good, I just keep wearing it like that.

How To: To recreate this look, you can try a plaid shirt with a non-stretch skinny pants and a pair of gray Vans. If you are looking for ideas on what to wear on your Christmas day with the family, this Fashionisto is your inspiration.

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His staple is a black leather jacket, working pair of skinny jeans, and when spotted outside school grounds he’ll most likely be rocking a pair of bold sunglasses. Before meeting Fashionisto Jorge Salazar, I admired his edgy style from a distance. He often mixes soft, preppy pieces like a white and blue plaid button-down with something rugged like brown combat boots. Where Fashionisto Salazar draws inspiration for his consistently fresh outfits had been of interest so I caught up with him one sunny afternoon to learn more about the boy behind the cute clothes.

Name: Jorge Salazar

Year: Senior

Major: Print Journalism

College Fashionista: Describe your style.

Jorge Salazar: I like to keep it clean. If you’re clean you look fresh. I also like to mix and match kooky patterns.

CF: Who’s your style inspiration?

JS: Marc Jacobs. I also look to Japanese street style and Nylon magazine from other countries like Korea and Mexico for inspiration.

CF: What are your three favorite items?

JS: My leather jacket, sunglasses, and skinny jeans.

How To: For a look like Salazar’s begin with a quarter-sleeve button down like this navy plaid shirt from American Eagle Outfitters. Next find a pair of dark denim skinny jeans. I’ve heard wonderful things from other Fashionistos about J.Crew’s vintage slim-fit jeans. For shoes, try a pair of leather chukka boots similar to J.Crew’s Sperry Top-Sider boots in dark wood. Or follow Salazar’s lead and be edgy in a pair of rugged combat boots like these black Urban Renewal boots available at Urban Outfitters.

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