This week's Fashionisto Spotlight pairs serious style with serious aspirations. Senior Julian Saad believes that in order to find success, you must also dress the part. Saad distinguishes his style by adding a pinch of personality to Ivy League-inspired classics.

Pairing a charcoal slim-fit vest with dark denim and a two-tone tie, Julian refines the regular wear-to-class combination of jeans and a button-down. Saad opts for subtly printed Sperry Top-Siders and bold frames to polish off the look with personality.

Name: Julian Saad

Major: Psychology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: If you had to whittle down your wardrobe to five items what would they be?

Julian Saad: A V-neck T-shirt, a pair of slim fit denim, Converse sneakers, a button-down shirt and a cardigan.

CF: Where do you typically look to for style inspiration?

JS: I guess my inspiration comes from a combination of New York and “Euro” style. I like to kind of draw from those two influences.

CF: Do you think that the way you dress is a reflection of your personality in any way?

JS: Yes. I take pride in how I look and what I do: my schoolwork, my body image and my health, as I am a runner. So I guess you could say that my dress reflects my lifestyle. I want my appearance to reflect the things I take seriously.

CF: Describe your personal style in three words.

JS: Urban, edgy and scholarly.

How To: Get this Fashionisto's look by pairing a slim-fit vest with a button-down shirt and dark denim. Take the casual route by opting for informal footwear or nixing the necktie.

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