I don’t know how true this is, but from this girl’s standpoint, it seems that guys are more afraid to be overdressed than girls are. Of course, I see the boys in their nice suits on campus — ready for a big presentation or the like. But only rarely do I see a real Fashionisto on campus, someone that isn’t afraid to be a little bit overdressed for the occasion. Girls wear their flowly skirts and dresses, but for some reason guys are afraid to bust out the blazers and dress shoes! This week’s Fashionisto caught my eye because he was bold enough to do just this — I couldn’t help but spot him because, not only was he brave enough to stand out, but he picked a great outfit to set him apart from the rest.

Name: Kirk Bairian

Major: Architecture

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: You're late for class but you want to look good. What do you wear?

Kirk Bairian:  probably a solid colored v-neck, dark jeans and a pair of Chucks with a louder, more interesting jacket.

CF: Given unlimited funds what 3 fashion items would you buy?

KB: Definitely a pair of those… I'm not sure what to call them, desert sneaks? Also a slim-fit charcoal grey blazer, and a really nice watch. I don't own (can't afford) a lot of clothes, so I like to go for versatility. Being able to dress the same thing up and down is important for me.

CF: Which male celebrity, in your opinion, has truly amazing style?

KB: As big of a jerk as he is, Scott Disick always looks fresh to death no matter where he's going. Plus, his 3-year old son has more swag than most of the guys I know my own age.

How To: To look as stylish as this week’s Fashionisto, you’ll need to pull out all the stops! Invest in some unique brass colored jeans (and make sure to cuff them), a nice button-up, a fitted blazer and some vintage shoes (or ones that are distressed if you’re not into that whole someone-wore-these-before-me thing). Match your look with a fierce watch and sunglasses and you’re set!

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