Senior Kyle Alexander posesses a personal style as vivacious and unique as his personality. With a wardrobe containing every treasure from vintage finds to homemade knit hats, Alexander's style has evolved from his upstate roots into a streetstyle-inspired work of art.

Alexander breaks out his father's vintage Ray Ban frames for the (long-awaited) springtime sun. Paired with an eggplant colored vintage blazer and grayscale graphic T-shirt, this Fashionisto's cool combination is the ultimate go-to look for not only the transition of seasons, but also the transition from day to night. Accented with a mustard colored beanie (made by Alexander himself) and a chunky leather watch, this Fashionisto's ensemble makes the transition of seasons look effortlessly chic.

Name: Kyle Alexander

Major: Psychology and Sociology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Who or what has inspired your personal style?

Kyle Alexander: Well that's a weird question because I grew up in Webster, New York that's like really far north so there aren't that many stylish people. It's very much a football town — not very stylish — so just being the only gay person there, you always felt like you had to be the stylish one or like best dressed, but growing up I never really wanted to exude that yet. I wanted to just kind of fit in. So I didn't really know what my style was. It's been kind of a process. But I would say I get [inspiration] from thrift stores. I would just go into thrift stores in my town and just pull a lot of ratty items. So I was really into ratty chic, but now I look more to the streets. I really like the Greenwhich Village area and the streetcar there. I'm not really too big into the posh look. I'm more into the grungy, sort of a step above hipster look; like if hipster were a little classier and went to the yacht club once a month.

CF: If you had to whittle down your wardrobe to five pieces, what would they be?

KA: I think jeans are so important. I need my good pair of jeans. It's so hard to find the right pair of jeans. I like the skinnier fit, but as you go bigger in the guys' sizes, the legs flare out. So it's very hard to find nice jeans for guys and I think a lot of guys struggle with that. So what I've discovered is skater jeans from skate brands, because when you go up in size the legs don't flare out as much; they stay tapered. I always need a flowy pendant necklace or drapey medallion. I always need Birkenstocks because I hate shoes in the summer. I always need a vest, whether it be an outerwear vest or a fancier vest that you can wear with a graphic tee. And I also always need a black V-neck shirt for going out.

CF: What trend are you looking forward to wearing this spring?

KA: Can I tell you the trend I'm not looking forward to? I hate shorts! There's not really nice guys' shorts. Guys only have the option of awkward cargo shorts. But what I'm looking forward to: I guess wearing more winter/fall clothes in the spring. I like mixing warmer clothes like a flannel with a pair of shorts, or jeans with a lighter cardigan. I like to mix the seasons a little bit because for guys spring clothes can get boring with shorts and T-shirts.

CF: What is the best style advice you've ever received?

KA: From my hairdresser Wendy. We go way back since I was three years old. She always tells me “honey, if it feels good it ain't looking good.” Like if your hair is feeling silky and smooth, it probably doesn't look good; but if it feels oily and kind of weird it probably looks good. Or with pants, you don't want baggy, loose pants. You want fresh-out-of-the-dryer, it's-kind-of-uncomfortable-to-walk pants.

CF: What is your favorite trend past or present?

KA: I love circle scarves. I can't have too many, honestly.

How To: Get this Fashionisto's look by pairing a grayscale graphic tee with a colorful blazer and vintage sunglasses. Pair with dark blue denim for formal occasions or distressed gray denim for an everyday ensemble.

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