This week’s Fashionisto appreciates all areas of the style spectrum. He finds inspiration through the mix and match of unlikely pairs: high-end with low-end, prim with casual. Junior Kyle Dunn combines the clean-cut silhouettes of blazers and tailored trousers with spunky accessories like bold sneakers and an oversized watch.

This week, Dunn assembles an earth-toned ensemble with deep green denim and a chocolate brown sweater vest. He interrupts the dark-toned palette with a French blue button-down and coordinating skinny-tie. Trimmed with distressed Frye boots and an overstated watch, this Fashionisto’s fall ensemble touches on all of this season’s trending topics.

To find out what makes Dunn’s style clock tick, CollegeFashionista asks him to share his wardrobe inspirations:


Name: Kyle Dunn

Major: Communications and Media Studies

Year: Junior


CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite trend past or present?

Kyle Dunn: My favorite trend lately is definitely the muted tones and earthy colors showing up in shoes. The chukka boot is something that looks like it's going to be sticking around for a little while, which is good because the trend of vibrant socks rolled in this fall, and without a sock in general, chukkas are rough on ankles. Crisis averted! A past trend I died for was the craze of several designers teaming up with Converse to make the laceless all-star sneaker. I fell victim to the trend buying a pair in just about every color they came in. Call me out, but I still rock a pair of cons that I can't seem to get rid of yet!


CF: Where do you usually find your style inspiration?


KD: I would say my style is relatively diverse in terms of day and nighttime looks. In regards to daytime, I’m definitely into layering. I like to mix different things in terms of style and price. I'll usually go with a more expensive pair of jeans, a plain J.Crew V-neck T-shirt, with a basic shoe or boot. My idea of bringing an outfit together relies completely on the watch. As a man, you are not awarded the luxury of accessories that a woman would have, so it's all about the watch. My go-to watch is definitely clunky and bold, like a Michael Kors runway timepiece.


CF: What is your signature piece or look?


KD: My signature piece, for right now, is a basic two-button blazer. It’s easily interchangeable for day and night. I find it helps contour certain parts of the body positively, and can always add a feel of sophistication.


CF: What is one item you can't live without?


KD: I can't really live without my brushed gold oversized watch. It goes with everything from either extreme blacks or earthier tones, and I seem to always get a compliment every time I wear it.


CF: Do you have any fashion advice for college students in search of their personal style?


KD: In fashion, looks, trends and inspirations change all the time. While trying to ‘keep up with the Jones,’ always try to remain close to the roots of your personal style. Coming from someone who lives and breathes for labels like I do, this concept might seem hard to grasp, but I never pay retail for higher-ticket items. Websites like HauteLook and Bluefly are great outlets for designer looks at a lesser price.


CF: What do you enjoy most about fashion?


KD: The fact that something so seemingly amazing can be in one day, and out the next. It keeps you on the edge of your seat at all times, and you never know what will be in next. Something you can always count on is that it will be vintage one day.


CF: Where do you normally like to shop?


KD: I love a department store like Nordstrom or Bloomingdales, but I also love boutique stores that sell a certain look. I have a boutique type store in my hometown called Nirvana, where I always know I can go in and find something edgy for nighttime.


CF: Has living in NYC influenced your style at all?


KD: Absolutely! You never see anything more outrageous than the clothes on the people walking the streets of Manhattan. Bad, good and indifferent, I can always be sure that something will make my head turn.


CF: What's an addition you'd like to make to your closet at the moment?


KD: Really obnoxious Christian Louboutin sneakers. It's pretty cool that men can rock some red bottoms now!


How To: Get this Fashionisto's look by pairing earth-toned trousers with a classic cardigan and oxford shirt. Try mixing cool-colored accents with deeper tones of green and brown to add variety and create balance.

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