Most girls will tell you that there is really something about a guy in a well tailored suit . As a College student, it's not so common to catch a man in a suit, and catching a male in a well tailored blazer is really something. The weather is slowly changing in Happy Valley, but that thankfully doesn't mean the Fashionistos are going to go into hiding. Walking to the bookstore, I came across this Fashionisto and even though I was in a rush, I knew I definitely had to get a picture. He paired his plaid blazer with a blue button-down and added a pair of khakis and blue moccasins for such a casual yet preppy look! I certainly felt like he was dressed like a London bloke. If he was not charming enough, his pair of shades and killer smile would have made any girl swoon.

Name Lerell Richards

Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: I totally adore your blazer where is it from?

Lerell Richards: I actually got it from a thrift store.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

LR: I would simply describe it as preppy.

CF: Was there a special occasion for you dressing up or is it just you?

LR: It's just me. Dressing this way is daily for me. There doesn't have to be an occasion.

CF: Do you have a favorite fall trend?

LR: Blazers – they go perfectly with the season.

How To : To get a similar look like Lerell, try out this Urban Renewal Studded Plaid Blazer matched with a pair of khakis and a solid colored button-up. A pair of moccasins would be perfect but a pair of TOMS may even look better.

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