The confidence that this Fashionisto exudes is what truly illuminates his outfit. I find it rare for guys to embrace all that accessories can offer to a look, both aesthetically and practically for the weather. Uniquely, Luke bases his look off of accessories. He sports a beanie and scarf and unintentionally adds an artistic edge to his outfit with his dangling camera. His gray color scheme makes the look feel modern. Essential for the Oregon rain, Luke pulls off a puffer jacket, which sometimes has a tendency to make an outfit appear disheveled. Luke defies the norm and finds a puffer that is tightly fitted, making all the difference. I love how his scarf neatly boroughs in his jacket, showing tidiness. Lastly, his combat boots make an even greater statement with their pairing of a gray, straight leg jean. Luke makes bundling up look sexy.

Name: Luke Hausman

Major: Advertising

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What greatly influences your style?

Luke Hausman: I like to be warm. I enjoy wearing scarves and pieces according to the weather. I would have to say though that I am most influenced by the new friends and environment of college.

CF: What’s been on your playlist lately?

LH: I’m currently into Real Estate, Beach Fossils and Youth Lagoon.

CF: Have you had a significant style shift since moving to Eugene from The Bay area?

LH: It has been quite drastic actually. I have become more self-aware since high school. I used to wear flannels and vans and now I have more of a fashion sense. I think finding my own style has come from more independence. Also, opening up as a gay male has played a role.

How To: Boys, take advantage of accessories, with little effort required they can enhance a look greatly. To emulate Luke’s look, find a body-hugging puffer jacket and pick a color that can easily match the remaining pieces of any look. Find a simple beanie and a scarf that can be tightly wound around the neck. Look for a skinny jean to pair with combat boots.

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