One of the greatest opportunities for CollegeFashionistas/os is the ability to to travel. We have the option to explore our new college environment, take weekend road trips, study abroad in foreign countries, and visit friends over breaks. Only Fashionistas/os know to leave extra space in their suitcases for the unique finds to add to their wardrobes. Let’s be real, the average college-aged travelers cannot afford Rome’s pricey Via Condotti, and so they turn to street vendors, local boutiques, and flea markets. This Fashionisto is an avid traveler who has crafted an on-trend fall wardrobe out of the items that he picked up in Europe this past summer. His style aesthetic is undeniably “jet set” urban chic similar to Hermès fall 2011 collection.

Name: Matt Dwan

Major: International Business and Accounting

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Matt Dwan: I can't really describe my style to be honest — it's a combination of what I feel and what I see. Sometimes ideas come to me out of nowhere and I just have to try them out. I always get very excited about new outfits.

CF: Who/what inspires your style?

MD: My style is inspired mostly by what I like, but also by the environment I'm in. I dress differently in each city I stay in. In Paris, I incorporate Parisian dress, and the same goes for Barcelona, Rome, London, etc. I am a huge fan of French fashion.

CF: What is one item in your closet that you could never live without? 

MD: I could never live without scarves, in particular my big, dark gray circle scarf. They're so beautiful and can go with any outfit to add some interest to the look, regardless of the season.

CF: What are you excited to wear this fall?

MD: I am so excited to wear the new blazers I purchased in Europe over the summer, as well as lots of ties, monochromatic button-downs, suspenders, and scarves. Nothing feels better than looking chic and on top of your game.

How To: To get this Fashionisto’s look this fall make a chunky scarf the stand-out accessory. He purchased his in Rome, but you can try this Aztec-inspired circle scarf from Topman. Wear a lightweight denim chambray with a pair of classic cords and brown leather shoes or boots. This Fashionisto got his exquisite caramel-colored messenger bag from the Mecca of leather products, Florence, but you can try this one by Tommy Bahama. This Fashionisto knows that a look could be a mix of high- and low-priced items. He purchased his Wayfarer sunglasses from a vendor in France, and the brown leather belt and red socks are from H&M. Go ahead and brush up on your high school French, throw a scarf over one shoulder, and imagine your campus as the streets of Paris this semester. Hey, a Fashionista/o can only dream!

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