It's easy to spot a fellow Fashionista/o. So when I sat next to Max McArdle in my photography class this week, my fashion senses instantly tingled. From his intensely tough boots, to the buttons on his cardigan, I knew I had found a fashion savvy Fashionisto, and that I had to feature him.

Name: Max McArdle

Year: Junior

Major: Graphic Design

College Fashionista: How do you generally put together your outfits?

Max McArdle: I often like to match my outfits, but I also like to try to funk it up with a special item or accessory.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

MMA: I think the right words would be 'preppy' and 'sophisticated'.

CF: What kinds of clothing do you prefer?

MMA: I like cold weather clothing the best. With all the layers, there are so many more options in terms of the different pieces I can wear and accessories like scarves or gloves.

CF: What stores do you frequent?

MMA: I always like trying new stores, but I shop a lot at Zara, Banana Republic and Ralph Lauren.

CF: Are there any colors that you like wearing?

MMA: Blue is a big part of my wardrobe. I love to wear rich blues and navys. I'm generally open to new colors, but you probably won't catch me in brighter shades too often.

How To: Mimicking McArdle isn't a problem if you know how to work your layers. Winter wear presents a lot of options, so don't skimp on your scarves, gloves and cardigans.

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