This week's Fashionisto embodies all-American appeal by combining college campus classics with attention to detail. Senior Max Staiger pairs khaki slacks with cognac leather boat shoes and a coral-colored button-down. Taking a page out of the Ivy League inspired styles of Take Ivy, this Fashionisto adds some pattern play with argyle socks. Paired with the subtle print of his button-down, this Fashionisto's collegiate classics are perfect for every occasion from lecture to late-night.

Name: Max Staiger

Major: Government and History

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: If you had to whittle down your wardrobe to five items, what would they be?

Max Staiger: Khaki pants, a button-down shirt, a tie, a sport coat and a pair of boat shoes.

CF: Where do you typically look to for style inspiration?

MS: I look mostly to my friends and other students on campus.

CF: Is there any trend you've been thinking of trying out this season?

MS: Flannels probably.

CF: If you had to describe your personal style in three words what would they be?

MS: Casual, preppy and conservative.

CF: What's the most valuable style advice you've ever received?

MS: Probably how to tie different tie knots and how to tie a bow tie. That's a pretty valuable lesson.

How To: Get this Fashionisto's look by pairing all-American boat shoes with slim slacks or khakis. Pair with a subtly printed button-down and patterned socks for an all-occasion ensemble.

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