While we were graced with the presence of blue skies and sunny days for a bit, it was short lived as the winter weather once again made its way into the valley. I was walking behind this Fashionisto and spotted the striking plaid pattern inside his hood. He was aptly dressed for the gloomy weather in a beautiful toggle coat, a piece that really pulled his whole look together by amping up the class factor.

Name: Michael Moreau

Major: Finance

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What is your usual outfit for class?

Michael Moreau: Normally I’ll wear a pair of khakis and a button-up.

CF: How do you alter that at night for parties?

MM: I’ll actually wear the same thing to parties, it’s so easy that way.

CF: How does inclement weather effect your outfit choices?

MM: The inclement weather may tempt me to wear sweatpants and a rain jacket, but I usually just stick with the usual.

CF: How often do you update your wardrobe?

MM: I’ll usually get some new clothes every break or so.

CF: Okay I have to ask, recently I’ve seen a lot of bow ties in stores and being sported by guys in lieu of ties for semi-formal occasions, so for date parties: tie or bow tie?

MM:  As of recently, I now prefer bow ties to ties at date parties, I think it’s a classier look.

How To: Look for unexpected prints and surprises when it comes to something as mundane as a winter coat. This coat from Urban Outfitters, combines the classic neutral element and style with the vibrant plaid interior, making any outfit and fashion statement. Just pair the coat with basic wardrobe essentials, and if the print very visible, make sure the colors and patter don't clash.

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