One could argue that the GWU male population single-handedly subsidizes Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vines and J.Crew. Between the large population of New Englanders, concentration of lax bros, and the jacket-and-tie dresscode of Washington, the campus can often feel like a metropolitan yacht club.

This dapper Fashionisto strikes the perfect balance between the classic prep and the sophisticated hipster, for lack of better words. His tattersall button-down juxtaposed with his dark-wash fitted jeans give off an inviting, debonair vibe.

Name: Michael Smith

Major: Political Science and Womens' Studies

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Michael Smith: Button-down from J.Crew, cardigan and belt from American Apparel, jeans and jacket from Jack Wills, boots from Zara.

CF: Can you describe your style in five words or less?

MS: Preppy with a modern twist.

CF: Obviously men's fashion is more limiting than women's, so how do you avoid looking the same every day?

MS: My wardrobe can be a bit redundant at times, but I try to buy tops in different colors, materials, and styles. I've also learned to layer. Some days, you can just wear a T-shirt with your cardigan, others, a button-down. I also use different accessories like scarves to change up my look. Having quite a few pairs of shoes also helps!

How To: To recreate an ensemble similar to this Fashionisto's, think outside the box. To avoid the I-just-stepped-off-my-catamaran look, mix and match classic and trendy pieces. For example, try slim fit chino pants, a comfortable wardrobe staple. Pair with an unexpected top, like a denim shirt or a striped blazer, for a fancier twist. Accessorize with classic shades and a pair of topsiders or kicks. From frat parties to an internship on the Hill to beach-bound summers, this new spin on the classics is versatile enough for any college Fashionisto.

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