I was flipping through various magazines and could not help but notice all the advertisements for men’s fashion. With the transition into fall, men are offered a plethora of styles to dress to. Whether it be the casual, classic or sophisticated look men are able to delve intro their wardrobes and layer their items as they please.

Name: Michael Trisler

Major: Pre-Pharmacy

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Tell me about your outfit.

Michael Trisler: Since it was a milder day of fall I decided to layer a long sleeve shirt with a cardigan. I chose the khaki color of my pants to keep the look classic.

CF: What is your favorite thing about fall fashion?

MT: My favorite thing about fall fashion is the multiple layers you can wear at time. You put a cardigan over a T-shirt or layer it with a jacket.

CF: What are your favorite stores to shop at?

MT: I mainly shop at Express and Gap.

CF: Where do you look to for fashion inspiration?

MT: I look flip through advertisements and I look around campus to see what other people are wearing and go off of that.

How To: Sometimes it is hard to wake up in the morning and actually want to get ready for class. Fall is the perfect season to look put together without having to put much thought into it. Start off with a basic T-shirt or long sleeve (if it is a bit cooler) in a color as opposed to a neutral. Next pair it with a neutral toned cardigan or sweater to create dimension and stay warm. This look could be completed with either dark jeans or khakis and keep the shoes basic to the outfit like this Fashionisto’s boat shoes.

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