Welcome to Brunel University, where the strip is your runway, home to those addicted to fashion, swag, and simply just colour co-ordination. Spotted is a guy who possesses all three. Two words – triple threat. Walking past the library I prodded and punched my best friend squealing, “Oh my gosh! Chase that guy!” knowing that my best friend has longer legs than I do and a better chance of catching up to him (plus, I was wearing heels and for once, as vain as it may sound, I didn’t fancy breaking out a sweat). So I decided to let her do the running. He was cool, collective and shy at first, but what struck me was the way in which he had pieced his outfit together. From his wide framed glasses, to his 90's Hip-Hop Jesus piece swinging loosely around his neck, it all looked so, effortless. Each personalised item was from a different era and complemented the next. With his new school and old school vintage Hip-Hop vibe, he soon warmed up to the camera and looked like a cross between, Theophilus London and Fonzworth Bentley, shooting an epic music video for a legendary artist. With the sound of a flash and the adjustment of a lens it was then I realised, Hip-Hop is not dead.

Name: Raheem Philipe

Year: Second

Major: Bio Medical Science

CollegeFashionista: Describe your outfit to me?

Raheem Philip: I’m wearing cream skinny chinos, oversized glasses, checked shirt, body warmer jacket and white Lacoste pumps.

CF: I love your body warmer jacket. Where’s it from?

RP: It’s actually from Baron John.

CF: Where would you say you get your look from?

RP: Definitely Pharell and Shia Labeouf.

How To:  Street Etiquette, to pull off this retro look one needs confidence and openness to new ideas. This fashionisto manages to bring new school and old school fashion together, by mixing and matching colours and vintage pieces across different eras. To get this specific look try a checked shirt from ASOS. Worn with a pair of chinos, boat shoes or vans, (the brighter the braver.) Try accessorizing with a pair of oversized glasses or even a bow tie. You may not get asked to appear in a music video just yet, but it’s a great start to a great style. I always close by saying "it's your beauty, so it's on your terms," but this week, Hip-Hop is not dead, Hip-Hop's some of us.

Style on.


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