We all have heard or said it once, “I was born to do this.” This is the truest statement of divine passion to reach for the stars. There is definitely destiny when one discovers the love for fashion. Our Fashionisto of the week is a student, fashion designer and a part of FIDM's debut 2012. So, although L.A. generally shades the sky with smog, sunshine and celebrity, for Ralph Prado things are looking up.

Name: Ralph Prado

Major:  Fashion Design

Year: FIDM Debut ‘12 Designer

CollegeFashionista: In what way does FIDM, Los Angeles and the West Coast represent itself as a fashion commodity?

Ralph Prado: FIDM is the best school here on the West Coast and I am ecstatic to be attending and currently doing the FIDM debut. The school has established a name where they prepare and expose students to the real industry. FIDM holds a reputation for molding amazing individuals who are doing amazing things in the fashion world. Los Angeles has a completely different lifestyle but still allows fashion to play a huge role. Although the main agenda isn’t always pushing for fashion forward looks there is an effortless style that relays a nonchalant aura. Women like to dress comfortable and feel fabulous, without trying too hard. I see women wearing casual jeans, a white blouse and a perfect handbag with a pair of sunglasses. I can’t help but cautiously go up to them to compliment how chic they are.

CF: As a designer what is your design statement?

RP: When it comes to designing I always think of the current times. I observe the people around me and notice what they wear and what they’re doing. I love to dress women who don’t wear the label; they wear the sensation of feeling absolutely chic. My customer is definitely not a wallflower. Her personality is seen through her wardrobe where people flock to her, and she allures them with a spirit of excitement. Clothes should speak for themselves and that’s why certain pieces create a statement.

CF: Who or what influences your design process and inspiration?

RP: There are many designers I look up to as far as aesthetic and their creative vision. One who truly inspires me to keep going is Prabal Gurung. He has come a long way to where he is now. He was the runner up for a CFDA and has established a successful line in the industry. He truly has a stance in the world of fashion. I truly admire him not only because he has such creative talent, but because he is driven and passionate about what he does. I definitely look up to him as a huge influence in my life which motivates me to pursue my dream.

CF: How would you describe your personal style?

RP: I try to play it up with current trends, but still sticking with my personal style. I always revolve my style around my favorite word, “chic.”  When it comes to dressing up I like to interpret polished looks by not taking it too literal. I like to have my shirts slightly tucked in and sometimes embellish my wardrobe with a splash of neon. I absolutely love colors. When I wear neutral colors head to toe my trick is to add that special color to bring it some “pop” into my look.

CF: What’s in store for your collection at FIDM debut 2012?

RP: I can’t really disclose anything yet, but I just want to say that I am ecstatic to be working with the most inspiring and talented people this year. My nine month experience wouldn't have been amazing if the people around me did not share that same drive and passion. So, I guess you guys have to wait and see.

How To: For all you stylish men out there the must-have outwear piece for this upcoming chilly season is the perfect parka. When heading to campus go navy to pair with your charcoal slacks and penny loafers. For a night off and fun at the Cha Cha Lounge try olive with a fur trim with gray chords and an oxford shirt. If you’re planning a weekend to Mammoth go for a field khaki with leather trim paired with your best denim and flannel. It is the best layering garment for cold on-the-go days to something to cover you up for fun in the evening.

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