This Fashionito exemplified that simplicity is key. He keeps it classic with an all-time throwback to jeans and a t-shirt. He jazzed up his look by cuffing his pants, adding white converse and a boho satchel. Sometimes we forget how good a simple ensemble (like such) can look. While fashion often times is about bold statements and self-expression, it also is about being comfortable from within. This Fashionisto demonstrates the perfect example of transparent comfort. There’s nothing worse than wearing something that either doesn’t fit right or isn’t true to your style. I can guarantee (although maybe the only exception is for Lady Gaga) that jeans and a tee will make you feel just right.

Name: Sam Lane

School: University of Colorado at Boulder

Year: Sophomore

Major: Art History

CollegeFashionista: If you could collaborate on a collection with any designer, who would it be?

Sam Lane: Definitely Alexander Wang because I think that his approach to fashion and style and life is so carefree and super fun.

CF: What is your style philosophy?

SL: I don’t even know if I have a philosophy! I just wear what’s comfortable and I have a very minimalistic approach to my look and everything. I just love wearing basic t-shirts…either very big or some that are tattered and worn and then just a pair of jeans.

CF: What is your favorite fashion era?

SL: I would have to say the ‘80s and ‘90s because I just think that the style was so eccentric and very experimental and also very carefree.

How To: Follow this Fashionisto's philosophy by keeping it minimilistic.  Pair a white or black tee with jeans.  For a more casual look, go for a baggier, lighter wash (perhaps with a few rips!).  For a more dressed up look, go for a darker wash in a tighter fit.  Girls: this look can take you into night!  Tuck a fitted tee into dark wash skinny jeans.  Pair with heels, add a cuff and get out your statement bag — simple has never looked so good!

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