The day I stumbled into Fashionisto Stephen Ahn was no ordinary day. It was the 14th of February, that infamous day full of sickeningly cute Valentines or S.A.D.-ness (Singles Awareness Day, for those of you who have been fortunate enough to have not experienced this yet). Stephen was dressed perfectly for this holiday with this ensemble of a classic pink Polo Ralph Lauren button-down, jeans, quirky canvas Converse, Ray-Ban wayfarers and, of course — the perfect red bow tie to put it all together. And, thanks to Penn's iconic red “LOVE” statue right in the center of the gorgeous College Green, we were able to provide the most fitting backdrop to this lovely Valentine's Day.

Name: Stephen Ahn

Major: Political Science (International Relations) & East Asian Area Studies

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: I love that you’re so dressed up for Valentine’s Day! What was your inspiration for today’s choices?

Stephen Ahn: I definitely love dressing up for holidays!  Even if it just means pairing certain colors together that you don’t usually see, or pulling on the ugly sweater come Christmas time. Today, I just decided to play with the pink and red you see a lot of on Valentine’s Day.  I think men’s fashion should be all about simple but tasteful matching.

CF: Do you have any fun plans for the day? A special someone?

SA: *Laughs* I’m actually on my way to lunch with Penn's president Amy Gutmann, (not kidding!) but I doubt she’ll be my Valentine this year. Later though, I have a Skype Valentine’s Dinner Date with my girlfriend Lucia Xiong, who is currently studying abroad in Brazil.

CF: How would you describe your personal style in general?

SA: I like a lot of classic college favorites: cardigans, sweaters, cords, scarves and I never go anywhere without my trusty peacoat. I don’t think the value of a reliable button-up sportshirt or polo can be overstated. I also like accentuating any plain outfit with accessories like a watch or a pair of sunglasses. When the weather gets warmer I’m ready to break out the pastels and the seersucker shorts paired with my favorite Rainbows or Sperrys!

CF: Is there anything you’re involved in on campus that also allows you to express yourself through your outfit choices?

SA: For my á capella group, Pennsori, I have to perform for a lot of gigs, and we usually try to dress up for those so I get the opportunity to pull on the nicer stuff every now and then. I don’t think people dress up enough! I think clothes should be less for others to see and more for you to feel your best in.

How To: Dress boldly for the festivities. Even though it’s Valentine’s Day, and your color palette may be slightly restricted to the pinks, reds and maroons for the day, guys — you can still rock this look with a gutsy (and adorable) bright red bow tie.

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