Dressing for the workplace has always been a questionable feat for Fashionistas and Fashionistos alike. The fine line between style and professionalism changes between every company, position and every age, making it difficult to know when to bring out your true flare. There never seems to be a rule stating exactly how daring you can be, but who says you have to leave your personality behind? This law student shows us exactly what it takes to bring character, style and professional talents into one law office.

Name: Steven Gruber

Year: Second year grad student

Major: Law

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Steven Gruber: I have many different types styles that I wear from day to day. I can be preppy, hipster or pretty unique depending on the day and season. But I can also be seen in athletic shorts and a tee; it all depends on how I’m feeling.

CF: How do you change your style to fit the workplace?

SG: It depends on what I am doing that day. Some days I come in wearing a conservative dark blue suit with a white shirt and a dark tie, while there are other days when I wear something like I am wearing today with skinny white pants and a plaid shirt. It all varies on the day’s work and time of year. I typically like to wear brighter colors in the summer.

CF: Where do you find clothes to fit your style?

SG: That's a tough question because I pretty much shop all over.  For instance today my shirt is Penguin, my pants are from Express, my shoes are Johnston & Murphy and the tie is from Macy’s. So obviously my closet consists of clothes from a vast array of stores. Where I shop depends on what I am looking for and what I need. Macy’s and other department stores are great for nicer work clothes while smaller boutiques have more unique options.

How To: Want some slick duds for the workplace like this Fashionisto? Try pairing plaid tops with your favorite ties. It’s a great way to add fair to your ensemble while still keeping your fit appropriate for the office. Also, don’t forget the perfect male accessory — a polished watch will bring an unparalleled touch of timeless style and class to any outfit.

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