School, singing, working at Hollister and modeling is what today’s Fashionisto juggles in his accustomed lifestyle. So it’s safe to say that fashion plays a big role in his life, whether he’s selling in front of the camera or on the floor at Hollister. Once again, TOMS shoes make an appearance and can be seen on Fashionista/os everywhere.  Slim-fit jeans from Hollister and a gray baseball T-shirt best describes what Tam would wear on a normal basis.  This Fashionisto’s style is very influeced by California, where he hopes to move sometime soon to pursue his career in modeling. Tam’s outfits are normally casual but when he’s feeling fancy he throws on an Argyle sweater for the occasion.

Name: Tam Hoang

Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Do you think working in retail gives you a sort of upper hand of knowing what clothes are in style or not?

Tam Hoang: In a way it does. A classic example is with plaid — when plaids were in, it was everywhere in the store and we had every color. If that wasn't obvious enough, our work uniforms were strictly plaid. But then again, it's a very narrow view of fashion trends because some styles don't complement the store.

CF: How does your work attire differ from your casual attire?

TH: My casual outfits are bits and pieces of different clothing styles. I love the skater look. Skinny jeans, tanks, and hoodies are some of my favorite things to wear. Most of the clothes at my work are neutral or solid colors, while I like icy tones and stripes since they complement my skin really well. Sometimes I like to rock a fitted button-up from work and a pair of skinny jeans. One thing I wear all year around are flip flops.  They are also required for my work attire.

CF: What is one piece of clothing you think will always be trending?

TH: I would say the slim-fit jeans or the skinnies. I mean, when I try on the old jeans that I had back in the day, I can really see the difference. They look ill-fitted and look disproportionate with any well fitted top.

How To: You can go either two ways with Tam’s style: the preppy beach look, by wearing a plaid button-up with flip flops, or his casual look, by just simply wearing a zip-up hoodie with skinny jeans.

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