Fashion in Eugene, Oregon has taken a major shift recently that needs to be celebrated. Students have momentarily tossed out their North Face jackets and yoga pants to embrace the weather in all of its glory. With spring in full bloom; dresses, khakis and flip flops have come to play. Students have turned around their laid back mentality toward fashion and have risen to the occasion of the surreal weather. This Fashionisto exemplifies that polished look that has been circulating on campus. He tailors his ensemble from date night attire to well-manicured student by rolling up his sleeves and pairing his button-down with khaki shorts as opposed to long pants. He rocks modern shades that are a fun way to showcase personality and add demeanor to a look. The detail of the lining from his button-down adds a crisp quality which distinguishes the shirt from your average button-down. His khakis are a must for guys’ spring and summer wear, as they easily enhance a look to a notch above casual. He finishes off the look with Adidas kicks that add funk and an old school flare.

Name: Tyler Morris

Major: Pre Business

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Where you do you get your fashion inspiration from?

TM: I would like to consider myself a Web native or child of the Internet, so I definitely get motivated by fashion blogs. I avidly look at Karmaloop and Hypebeast.

CF: Where are your pieces from?

TM: My shades and shirt are from Jack Threads, my shorts are from Target and my shoes are from Zappos.

CF: Since coming from Los Angeles to Eugene would you say that you have maintained your LA fashion roots or adopted a new look?

TM: More than anything I started to care a lot more about how I dress in coming to college. A friend once told me “what you look like doesn’t matter how you present yourself does,” and I try to live by those words.

CF: How would you describe your fashion?

TM: I would define it as casual street.

How To: To emulate a look like Tyler’s, refinement from head to toe is key. Find a pair of shades that embody personality and can add a defining frame to your face. Look for a button-down that has an accentuating lining and buttons that sit atop the pockets of the shirt. Pair the button-down with khakis in a neutral shade possibly a tan, nude, brown or black. For footwear, find sneakers that add flavor and deviate from the formalness of the look.

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