Among the many peers we pass throughout campus, there are some we simply walk by without taking those extra seconds to get a closer look at their outfit. Victor Nevárez is one of those students. While his look is sharp and classy, one would never suspect his swag is from thrift stores when it comes to a look that fresh. If you spot a classy looking gentleman in a button-down dress shirt and tie, or a tailored jacket near the ASU Herberger Institute Community School for Design and the Arts, it's likely Nevárez.

Name: Victor Nevárez

Year: Junior

Major: Visual Communication Design

College Fashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Victor Nevárez: I think I'm still too young to have a defined style of my own; what I wore last week looks nothing like what I've got on now. Some recurring motifs I've noticed are contrasting values, tailored shapes, and all brogue everything– from sneakers to bucks.

CF: Your daily wardrobe includes…

VN: I've almost always got something on that was really inexpensive since I am, after all, a broke college student. My shoes and ties are usually from Goodwill or Ebay, but I put the money I save into tailoring. If you live in Tempe, check out "Seams to Be" on McClintock for your tailoring. It's super-cheap, the lady is a sweetheart, and your panache factor will break the charts.

CF: You wouldn't be caught dead wearing?

VN: I dare not tempt fate by answering this one, although I think its pretty safe to mention Crocs.

How To: For a similar look try Goodwill or Ebay for a great deal on shoes and ties. The H&M men's section has a variety of cardigans and sweaters that are both winter and spring friendly (not to mention your wallet will thank you). For similar shades, try Buffalo Exchange for an inexpensive pair or, to choose from a wider selection, check out SunglassWarehouse. Take Nevárez's word and have any tailoring work on your vintage finds (jackets, suits, or slacks) done at Seams To Be.

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