Look sharp, Live smart – a mantra of GQ magazine and way of life for the classiest of Fashionistos. Take GQ’s Style Guy Glenn O'Brien’s advice, “It's better to be overdressed than underdressed. People will assume you are going to or coming from something better.” Perhaps Mad Men’s style icon Don Draper knew best when he consistently slipped in and out of the office overtly polished from head to toe. It’s been said, we unmindfully take people in suits more seriously. Business attire dress code is proof.

When it comes to campus attire a suit may not be feasible, but a business casual outfit is. Perfect example: Fashionisto William D’Urso. I spotted D’Urso coming from his internship at the Arizona Republic and, biased to say as a fellow classmate, his consistent refined taste deserved recognition.

Name: William D’Urso

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism

College Fashionista: Does the media (TV, magazine, movies, online blogs) influence your style? What does?

William D’Urso: The media doesn't really impact my style in an overt way, but subconsciously what I read and watch might impact the fashion choices I make. What really impacts my style is the weather. On the east coast, I wear sport coats more often because it's cool enough there. Here, I try to avoid button down shirts and wear loafers. When I'm not at work, I usually wear shorts and open toe shoes.

CF: How does dressing for your internship prepare you for work? Does it have an affect?

WD: Dressing nicely for my work definitely has an impact on how I'm perceived. I think the way one dresses conveys a certain attitude. I want to be taken seriously and I think by dressing professionally I can make the first step toward achieving that goal.

CF: Being from the east coast, what differences have you noticed in fashion here in the west coast?

WD: The biggest difference for me is to wear lightweight fabrics and avoid socks. I've noticed that a lot of people here wear lighter tones because the weather is almost always nice. Darker, heavier fabrics like tweed and corduroy seem to be less common, and with the heat I can see why.

How To: If dressing sharp sets you up for success, why not follow D’Urso’s outlook on professional attire and achieve your desired perception as a professional?
For a similar look, try a slim-fitted stripe dress shirt like this lilac colored shirt from Banana Republic. You’ll want to match the top with a pair of classic-fitting tan colored chinos, like this style from Ralph Lauren. Add some noticeable color with a webbing scout belt from J.Crew in jamestown clay red. Your perfect pair of brown loafers or moccasins will finish the look. Zappos has a copious selection of styles. I recommend a pair of Calvin Klein medium brown and tan leather moccasins.

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