I'm excited about this week's Fashionisto, Zach, because he's not afraid to take a chance with fashion. I admire the way he wears bright colors together, such as his vivid orange watch and his bold blue shirt. I personally love to mix prints together, and he also shows us how to do just that with his shirt and shoe combination!

Name: Zach Martini

Major: Music Education

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite article of clothing that you own?

Zach Martini: I wouldn't say that I have one favorite item because I really like my collection of sunglasses, winter hats and ties. I guess my accessories are my favorite; I like them because the can be exciting colors and patterns and they can make a boring outfit exciting and interesting.

CF: What shopping advice can you give to fellow Fashionistos on a college budget?

ZM: My advice would be, hold off on that item you really want until it goes on sale because sooner or later, it will go on sale. Also, some stores let you do a price adjustment if you bought something and then it went on sale later. You can take your receipt in and they will give you the difference. If you get a job somewhere you like to shop, employee discounts are always nice!

CF: If you could have any celebrity's wardrobe for a day, who would it be?

ZM: Probably Justin Timberlake or Joseph Gordon-Levitt. They both usually look very classy.

CF: Any New Year's fashion goals or resolutions for the new year?

ZM: I haven't really given resolutions any thought. I just always try to keep things interesting and at least look presentable; I make sure to mix my outfits up and not wear the same thing all the time.

How To: Fashionistos, are you dying to add some more plaid to your own wardrobe? Get Zach's look by purchasing a pair of plaid TOMS shoes (buy one for yourself and you'll also donate a pair to a child in need!) and add a plaid shirt to the mix. I recommend J.Crew for a stylish shirt that will last or Old Navy for even less expensive ones that still have the quality you're looking for.

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