August is here, which is always a good sign that we need to hurry up and finish everything on our summer to-do lists. Our long days our winding down and football season is starting to peek around the corner. It's an exciting time in Madison as we get ready for the best season of the school year, yet we can still spend our lazy days at the Terrace. New and old students are going to start trickling back to campus soon and even more amazing fashion will be flooding our streets. Finding a man with a sense of style in Madison is never a challenge, but finding one with stellar opinions and thoughts about fashion is golden. Check out Zach Pereles as he explains his style theories, thoughts and inspirations. 

Name: Zach Pereles

Year: Junior

Major: Retail

CollegeFashionsta: How has Madison influenced your style?

Zach Pereles: Being a broke college student has really forced me to hone in on what I can and can't afford, so I try to stick with basics. For guys it’s easy to just do graphic T-shirts, unless you’re really out there with your style. I look for things at Goodwill and other thrift stores. Madison has definitely brought out my thrifty side. Also, Madison its all about the college; I didn’t really wear a lot of red before but now I’m definitely showing my Badger pride, like with the red flannel I'm wearing now. 

CF: Where do you get your Fashionisto inspiration?

ZP: I think guys have it a lot easier has far as fashion goes. I don’t really invest all that much money in fashion and I dont think a lot of guys around here do either. So, I get a lot of my inspiration from shopping at thrift stores. You can get a great graphic tee for 50 cents and probably no one else has it. I like to pair those thrifty finds with some great shoes. You gotta keep the kicks cool.

CF: What is your favorite Fashionisto trend for this fall?

ZP: I definitely say the toggle. Its more of a vintage feel but in a modern way. And it's not too out there.

CF: What is your least favorite Fashionisto trend in the last five years?

ZP: Hipster; more specifically the hipster tank top. Like the deep V-neck tanks. I just can’t do it.

How To: Men's fashion has a tendency to start looking the same after a while. Simple T-shirts and jeans are typically what roam the campus. But it doesn't take a major trend to make your style stand out. Take small, key pieces to make your look amazing as a whole. Like this Fashionisto; adding a simple yet timeless gold watch, some classic Ray-Ban sunglasses, and a pair of killer kicks is exactly what took this stylin' Badger to another level. 



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