The weather is finally letting up and Terriers are starting to put the winter coats back into the closet and let a bit more color in. But what really caught my eye was this Fashionisto's weathered worker boots. It's a major trend among the guys on campus, so I knew that this guy definitely had a sense of style.

Name: Zak Gersten

Year: Senior

Major: Biology and African Studies

CollegeFashionista: What's your favourite part of this outfit?

Zak Gersten: My boots! I can wear them with anything and still look casual. And I really like the way they look worn down and used.

CF: What's your biggest style influence?

ZG: Lately I've been really into the All Saints brand.

CF: Describe your personal style in 3 words.

ZG: Casual, comfotable and sophisticated.

CF: Are there any styles that you're looking forward to trying this summer?

ZG: Well I've been seeing a lot of red in fashion recently, like in scarves, hats and t-shirts. I'm excited to try that out, and to wear my boots with shorts.

How To: To get Zak's style, start with the boots. Try these vintage boots from Infinity Shoes for that worn in, weathered look. For a great trench, check out this basic cut. And for that coveted slash of red, pick up this red hoodie.

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