For boys, getting dressed is like a game of Categories — what goes with what? A typical college boy’s closet is limited to shorts, pants, shirts, sweaters, coats and accessories. There are no skirts, dresses or jumpsuits for boys to liven up the mix with, therefore, creativity is key when putting together ensembles.

I spotted this creatively styled Fashionisto on an afternoon stroll to Georgetown. His confidence exuded from his layered winter uniform of well fitting jeans, a checkered button-down, a grey cardigan and peacoat finished off with a navy tie and boots.

Name: Zeke Reed

Major: Biochemistry

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What are you top three closet staples?

Zeke Reed: A nice pair of well fitting corduroy khakis — a perfect pant for any occasion. A dark colored cardigan. I love a good cardigan. People often disregard it as grandfatherly and dated, but to me, it's the perfect, almighty, universal sweater that works for any and every occasion. A nice solid skinny tie. The tie instantly elevates the class of any outfit, making the statement that “I took time to make sure I look good” without saying “I put a lot of work into looking good.” Looking good shouldn't be about work.

CF: Did you see any exciting trends from men's fashion week?

ZR: Jil Sander and Yves Saint Laurent both showed stunning collections filled to the brim with close cropped leather and sending out rippling waves of sexuality. For years, we've seen women's clothes appropriate sexuality as a statement of power. I'm excited to see that men's fashion is moving in a similar direction.

CF: Do you have any favorite style blogs or sites to follow?

ZR: My favorites include The Sartorialist, Fashion Gone Rogue, Stylosophism, and, of course, CollegeFashionista!

How To: Take it from Zeke, layers are a must! A comfortable pair of chinos or jeans are a great place to start. Both pants are practical bottoms that can be easily dressed up or down. Whether it’s a button-down or T-shirt, a basic layer on the top is essential with these frigid temperatures. Add a sweater, cardigan or blazer for another polished layer and accessorize with an embroidered belt or a solid tie. Finish with a warm coat and a pair of boots or topsiders


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