There is something unmistakingly smart about a navy blazer. However, when paired with ripped jeans and riding boots, this ensemble becomes unexpectedly cool and practical. Every detail of this Fashionista's look caught my eye from her purple Tory Burch wrap bracelet to her Hermes watch and Gucci inspired top. To me, this is the perfect “going to class” outfit as it combines chic comfort and casual sophisication. 

Name: Anna Flickinger

Major: Political Communcations

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: Where do you shop?

Anna Flickinger: I shop primarily at J.Crew and Anthropologie for my basics. For fun, trendier, going-out outfits I like to go to H&M and Forever21 because I don't need the clothes to last long. I think Theory probably fits my style the most when I need something more formal, and I also really like Anna Sui and Stella McCartney. But, more so than even clothes, accessories are what make the outfit for me.

CF: Favorite item in your closet?

AF: My favorite item in my closet is either the blazer I am wearing today, my leopard belt that I wear obsessively or my evil eye scarf.

CF: What blogs do you follow?

AF: I follow Man Repeller. I love Garance Dore's site, and I just found Topshop's tumblr. If I want to laugh, I look at Go Fug Yourself. I also follow Vulture (New York Magazine's culture blog) religiously, and they have commentators called the “Fug Girls” who are hilarious. They did an awesome commentary on Mindy Kailing (who plays Kelly on the Office and writes a lot of the episodes). The slideshow is almost as funny as Kelly herself. I think I just love bloggers with opinions and the “Fug Girls” are definitely not short of opinions, either!

How To: Pair boyfriend jeans with a chic navy or black blazer. This Fashionista went with a riding boot, but also try a flat!


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