7 Cities-45 Photos: CollegeFashionista’s Fashion’s Night Out

Last Friday brought the long anticipated festivities of Fashion’s Night Out. Being fashion addicts, our Style Gurus were naturally at the forefront of all these events snapping photos, sipping on mocktails and networking with all the other fashion enthusiasts that celebrated Fashion’s Night Out

Today’s feature includes photos and a little Q&A with my writers from New York City, Boston, Georgetown, Miami, Scottsdale and London! It’s remarkable to see people all over the world on the same night coming together for this cause. 

A special thanks to Carolyn Amurao, Meridith McTamany, Cassandra Chernin, Cate Young, Delanie Carney, Brittney McNamara, Mara Berg, Mimi Chan, Shana Cothran, Devon Guralnick, John McCollum,  Caterina del Rossi, Hilary Pendleton, Jacqueline Gutierrez, Ruixue Li for the spectacular photos.

CF: Carolyn, tell me about your experience at FNO in NYC?

Carolyn: The best part of FNO in NYC was how glamorous the night was and how good everyone looked. I was down in Soho, and it was such a treat to be amongst so many fashionable people in one of the most stylish parts of the city. 

CF: Meridith, what was your favorite sighting at FNO?

Meredith: Michale Kors, Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs all in the same store. Amazing!

CF: Cassandra, what made FNO in Boston special?

Cassandra: I think what made FNO in Boston special was the actual small amount of people who attended. Though I know that wasn't the intention, it did make it feel more exclusive. As well, I think the less then crazy mood let people focus on the clothes, the fashion, instead of the celebrities. FNO initially was about stimulating the fashion economy and in Boston FNO people focused on that instead of screaming for celebrities. 

CF: Cate, what was the highlight of your FNO in Boston? 

Cate: The main highlight of my FNO in Boston was the welcoming atmosphere in the stores that I visited. Between the employees at Ann Taylor and Diane von Furstenberg, I felt as though at anytime I could come into the store and be attended to as though I was the most important customer. The staff was very friendly and helpful and the atmosphere of the night was very relaxed and enjoyable. It was a great experience for my first FNO.

CF: Delanie, tell us about the event you attended?

Delanie: I was lucky enough to attend the Ted Baker event in Boston. The atmosphere was calm cool and collected with only a few people in the store at a time, it gave everyone a chance to really enjoy the store and the clothes. 

CF: Brittney, what was the best trend of the evening at FNO?

Brittney: Hats! I caught a few Fashionistas wearing great hats, and Neiman Marcus has a huge display.

CF: Mara, what was the best part of Boston FNO?

Mara: The streets were super lively – musicians from Berklee School of Music were playing on almost every street corner as shoppers browsed, making the atmosphere fun and festive.

CF: Shana, tell us your favorite event happening in Georgetown on FNO?

Shana: Georgetown FNO did a excellent job at creating a red carpet event in front of Dean & Deluca store! DC shoppers found themselves on a red carpet crowded around a DJ and assortments of white flowers with cocktails in hand.

CF: John, what was your favorite trend guys were wearing at FNO in Georgetown?

John: The cuffed fitted khaki pant. A lot of guys were sporting fitted khakis cuffed a few times, with a slim button down and loafers. I like it because the weather was still fairly warm, but at a night time event shorts wouldn't have been appropriate.

CF: Devon, what is the best thing you saw at FNO in Georgetown? 

Devon: FNO Georgetown, in my opinion, was a massive success achieving quite a turnout from tourists to residences to college students. One aspect that facilitated this outcome was how FNO accommodated all types of people, including stores in the event from all ranges of fashion. Being FNO's first time in DC, it was inspiring to see so many people come out for this event – I'm excited for years to come.

CF: Caterina, what was the scene like at FNO in Miami?

Caterina: Military jackets and fur walked the Nieman Marcus runway while hundreds of Fashionistas watched in awe. FNO introduced the newest style of pairing masculine and feminine pieces, like combat boots with ruffles or lace.

Overall, FNO, was the biggest Fashionista party of the year, with Nieman's tastefully decorated as usual, the DJ playing the latest music, food and drink in abundance, and the models appeared like moving pieces of art. It was definitely a night out to remember! 

CF: Hilary, coolest part of your FNO in Scottsdale?

Hilary: The coolest part of FNO in Scottsdale is that the event included the majority of the mall. Everywhere I walked there was music blasting and great sales going on. It truly was a fashion party. Also, the free desserts and goodies were an awesome perk as well!

CF: Jacqueline, craziest thing you saw at FNO in Scottdsale? 

Jacqueline: The craziest thing I saw at FNO in Scottsdale was the lavish amount of fur worn by models. Such a large amount of fur isn't something you see very often in Arizona. It made me even forget my location and it wasn't until leaving Fashion Square Mall that I was reminded we're in a dessert. The collection was particularly at Neiman Marcus, featuring models in fox cashmere capes and rabit fur ponchos. I especially loved th knee-lenght black coat worn by the model (in picture), it's sort of a spin of a young, very chic Cruella de Vil.

CF: Ruixue, best street style trend you saw at FNO London?

Ruixue: It's hard to say which was the best street style trend, because it was such a grand meeting of fashion, everyone was dressed in their best clothes. However, there were lots of people wearing ankle bootie, heels or wedge. Colour wise, black seemed to very popular. Of course, there were lots of Louboutin.



And I was celebrating the evening in Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive! Best part of my night? Riding a huge ferris wheel, getting a mani at Chanel and listening to the acoustic performance by Rain Phoenix at Juicy Couture. That's a wrap! Looking forward to Fashion's Night Out next year. 

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