It just wouldn’t be Athens without the music scene that gives this college town the local vibe it’s known for. It’s very rare you walk to class without encountering a musician or band jamming out on every corner. There is a definite artsy influence from the “townies” that rubs off on all the college kids around campus.

That is exactly where I found this Fashionista, sitting and taking in the tunes of a solo guitarist downtown on her way to class. She describes herself as a “simplest” when it comes to personal style, with a love for “flowy” clothing and accessories. In my opinion, her fedora hat screams Athens local style, and her cowboy boots scream Athens college girl style.

Fedoras were all the rage last spring, not to mention a consistent favorite among celebrities, and they seem to still be circulating in the fashion world for spring 2012. From straw to felt or suede, these hats are the perfect accessory to jazz up any ensemble – not to mention are a perfect solution for those inevitable bad hair days we all get from time to time!

Spotted: Check out designer Robert Gellers spring 2012 Collection at Fashion Week , all the models donned black fedoras! And Gucci's Runway show as well !



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A trend that I’ve recently found myself victim to are fedora hats. While a recent celebrity craze, fedora hats have been around for quite sometime, but have been especially popping up tons this summer. Fedora hats are very versatile as they are unisex and probably one of the only hat styles that look good on every head shape. I have never found myself to crazy for hats as I have never seemed to have found a style that I thought looked particularly good on me. However, this changed when I actually decided to try a fedora for the change. Fedoras, once being stereotyped as for only “hipsters”, have officially gone mainstream. They are a great item to have this summer, as they are a great accessory to add a little oomph to an outfit. Fedoras come in a variety of colors and now actually coming in prints. Urban Outfitters has an excellent selection of fedoras that are very chic an inexpensive.

Topshop also offers a great selection of fedoras that are a little more pricey but have more of a variety of styles. Planet Blue also has some great fedoras that are more bohemian in style but are perfect if you are going for that Californian laid back look. Fedoras are a great item to have because they can be used all year round. Fedoras are especially great for the summer months as they are perfect to be used at the beach and can even add some style to a bathing suit.

Try looking for more neutral colored fedoras for the summer months such as cream, tan or like this Fashionista, a perfect brown!

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