The summer time is packed with many different things to attend such as bbq's, pool parties and of course festivals. Since festivals normally dont end at an early time it can get quite chilly during later hours. A good option to stay warm and hip is by adding a grandpa sweater to your look and I spotted this Fashionisto with a prime example. What stands out about his look is his laid back approach. He paired his sweater with a button down underneath. He is also wearing cut off jeans that are folded at the bottom which gives his outfit a summer feel. Any one can can achieve the same look various ways. Try a sweater like this one from the gap or if you want to go for a different approach instead of a sweater try a cardigan such as this one. For a button down to pair the a sweater another good option is this one from Banana Republic. simple comfortable shoes are a better option for outdoor concerts and festivals. Keds and Vans have so many different styles and colors.

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