TREND: Fixin for Fall

Hey guys–coming to you from the heart of San Diego. Summer isn't quite over for me yet so I'm not back in the Hoosier Country, but that's not stopping me from letting you fashionistas know the next trend in fashion. With July 4th comes the summer sales and the retail worlds' shift from patch madras and pastels to critter corduroy and cashmere. While it may seem a little soon to talk Fall Fashion, it'll be here before you know it. And while everywhere else in the States is dealing with a heat wave, the Golden Coast has the ocean breeze to cool us down and has even given us a short summer. But enough of the meteorolgy lesson and back to fashion. Check out this guy in a evening in San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter–he has fall written all over him. Through the dark colors and plaid patterns, he couldn't wait for fall. The biggest giveaway was his pants! Corduroy is back in full force and is all over the place this season. The durable textile corduroy is one of my favorites by far compared to other materials. I can even admit that I went as far as wearing corduroy pants rolled up during this summer just to fulfill my pre-fall corduroy crave. For a long time corduroy was just known to be used on pants, but now it’s being used on everything from blazers to hats as the perfect fall/winter fabric, so get used to it! It's not going anywhere. You can check out a great pair of cords at J.Crew; they're on sale!!

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