TREND: Framing a Face

Stunning sunglasses are absolutely essential to survive the stark September sun. I spotted this Fashionista strutting across campus rocking an amazing pair of over-sized, thinly framed, gold and brown sunglasses. Her outfit embodies fresh, simplistic, and amazingly confident style. She sports a loose-fitting white tunic with skin-tight black denim pants. The contrasting fit of her pieces creates a perfect balance and maintains a sexy appeal while leaving plenty to the imagination. She adds some fierce flavor with a pair of black, patent leather, chunky boots, which blend beautifully into her skinny jeans. This flirty Fashionista softens her look with a few delicate, feminine bracelets. And still, I am drawn to her fabulous sun-blocking frames. The shade matches her hair gorgeously and the barely-there gold frames keep the large shades dainty rather than chunky. Whether they be thick-framed Ray Bans or glossy aviators, find a pair that flatters your face shape. Sunglasses are a staple and worth a few extra dollars for one good, sturdy pair that will last you for years. You can rock these shades at the beach, a picnic, or to the big Homecoming football game! Protect your pretty eyes and indulge in a fabulous set of shades.

Hint: For a great pair of sunglasses check out the Sunglass Hut or Ray Ban.

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