TREND: Free as a Bird

When you think of the 70s, you automatically divert your attention to the hippie era where everyone was about peace, love and freedom. To be a free spirit, was that you were a combination of those three essential elements and presented yourself in flowy clothing and wide-legged jeans. Remember how fringe was so big and it had a comeback not long ago? The same goes for the wide-legged jeans now reinvented as high-waisted jeans and with a finer material.

This Fashionista is the epitome of the spring trend of high-waisted wide-leg pants. Derek Lam pays an ode to this trend in his collection as well as other designers that have featured it as trousers. The high waisted flare jeans give you a sleek business look without screaming the words hippie. They’re a more classical piece if you can find the right things to wear it with.

This look is paired with a skinny brown belt and a pair of wide-legged jeans by Charlotte Russe. To have a brilliant finish, we have a neutral color, beige, that has a slight bit of detail on the shoulders to match with the extravagant heels. A big wow! The little details you pay attention to can make or break your outfit. And while wearing heels to school can sometimes be a no-no, you can never go wrong with a striking outfit that makes you shine. The ruffles in the shoes as well as the bold color make a statement with the neutral color in the shirt. It sets the tone for what to pay attention to in the whole ensemble, making the shoes the “it” item.

Hint: To take this outfit up a notch, you can pair it with a black structured blazer from Alice+Olivia. You can also pair it with a fair selection of colored, ruffled heels by Steve Madden. Make sure to keep the top simple. You can get a sheer boyfriend button-down shirt at Urban Outfitters as well. Lets not forget to accessories with your favorite pair of bangles to accentuate the bold heels. If you wanna go big, go with chunky bangles that are also in for this spring.

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