STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: From Class to the Club

The hectic schedule of a college student sometimes requires wardrobe planning that allows for a perfect day day-to-night transition, when a quick trip back to the closet might not be in the works. Busy girls struggle with balancing class, meetings, working out, spending time with friends or a date with a significant other. The last thing we want to worry about is whether or not our outfit is going to endure from a.m. to p.m. This Fashionista has put together the perfect ensemble to make the switch super quick and effortless.

Incorporating a few versatile wardrobe items that are always schedule-friendly is key to creating this look. Dark denim skinnies are perfect because they can easily be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. A pair of ballet flats are essential because they provide both style and comfort, combining the agility of sneakers with the shine and femininity of heels. This Fashionista wears a simple black wool sweater that covers the skin revealed by her sparkly halter and makes this summery frock winter-appropriate. Cardigans, scarves, and hats are also appropriate additions to winterize your cute summer tops. The combination of a shirt that's cute enough to go out in and a sweater that’s appropriate enough for school and work is essential in cutting out the wardrobe change necessary to make the transition from daytime to evening activities. With this cute combo, she can schedule her activities back-to-back and go straight from work to the club by simply taking off her sweater.

Having a large bag allows you to keep your books for class, clothes for the gym, makeup for afternoon touch-ups, and smaller purse for later outings all in one place. She completes her look with a simple updo that’s casual enough for class and cute enough for going out. Only the messy bun gets cuter throughout the day and can be instantly perfected with a quick readjustment of a clip or headband!

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