STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: From Jagger to J Brand

Whether it is clean-cut skinnies or dip-dyed bell bottoms, it is only inevitable that a new spin on denim emerges every season. I spotted this Fashionista keeping covered with a jean jacket on this unusually breezy spring morning.

Jean jackets have been an iconic part of fashion history, making their way from western wear to a Hollywood staple. Singer Bing Crosby was one of the most successful crooners in the early twentieth century and not only was he one of the fathers of modern pop culture, but he was known for making everything look effortless. This happens to include his head-to-toe Levi ensembles, including the 506 Jacket. During the 1950s, denim was considered to be utilitarian wear and represented your standing in social society. Well, it was for Bing Crosby that the first custom Levi’s Tuxedo was created and the styles of jean jackets began to evolve. Mick Jagger’s lifestyle of sex, drugs, and rock ‘n’ roll not only made a huge statement at the time, but it was one of the biggest creative influences in fashion. All it took was tightening the inseam and appreciating leather and velvet accents. Decades later, the hype on denim is still alive and Georgia May Jagger, daughter of Jerry Hall and Mick Jagger, is following in her fashionable parents' footsteps by collaborating on a denim line with Hudson.

This Fashionista displayed her own take on rock ‘n’ roll by pairing her jean jacket with black maxi dress and studded combat boots. The plaid accent on the collar is unique and also brings the focus of the outfit to the neckline where this Fashionista was able rock a vintage necklace from Istanbul. Her Ash Trash Biker Boot was the perfect way to play up her outfit and add a little hidden detail.

The beauty behind a jean jacket is the exponential number of creative ways to style it. The J Brand Denim & Leather Jacket is perfect for a very minimal and daytime look because the leather accents are restricted to the collar and the cuffs. I recommend pairing this jacket with simple white skinny jeans tucked into studded boots, this season’s version of this Fashionista’s favorites are a must, and draw attention to your neckline with bib necklace. If you prefer a little more leather, Pencey’s Moto Jacket features full leather sleeves and is best paired with a High/Low Maxi Dress that can simultaneously show off a pair of stellar springtime Nicholas Kirkwoods.

Regardless of how you choose to style your jean jacket, or any of your outfits for that matter, take a look back at fashion and music icons because you never know who will inspire you!


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