How To Get Bikinis on a Budget

If you took a look in the corner of my closet you would notice a plethora of bathing suits collecting dust. Half of these suits I haven’t worn in years while the other half is gangly and awkward. Between the one-pieces and the bikinis, I have more suits than I have jeans. These tiny often scandalous pieces of fabric always end up costing me more money than any other clothing items in my closet, and they get worn the least too. Whether you’re buying designer or buying on a budget, keep an eye open for these tips to make the most of your bathing suit purchase and avoid ending up like me.

1—Reversible Fabrics. Before buying any suit (especially designer) I would suggest exploring fabric options for the most versatility in your bathing suit. Reversible fabrics are amazing because it is like buying two suits for the price of one. These suits are also great for mix matching with other pieces in your collection. The best suits will have solid colors on one side and a design on the other.
2—Bathing Suit Cut. Sure it may be fun to buy a bathing suit that’s high-waisted or one with an edgy back strap design, but when it comes to practicality classic bathing suit cuts will give you the most bang for your buck. Purchase suits with simple timeless lines to avoid buying new bottoms and tops every year. If you still can’t part with your one-hit wonders check out these cute tops that are still simple but have a bit of edge and won’t break the bank.

3—Accessorize. The most important part of any good outfit are the accessories. Don’t be afraid to style up your suit with a floppy hat or maybe a body chain. These accessories will give your bikini a second life while keeping your simple cut suits more interesting.
If all else fails on your bathing suit shopping adventure don’t forget to buy a suit that makes you feel amazing! You can always save money tomorrow!

How do you buy your bathing suits? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista. ow do you buy your bathing suits? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista. 

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