The winner of our Get a Runway Look on a College Budget Contest with Seventeen Magazine is Sammy Luterbach from University of Wisconsin. Sammy was inspired by a L.A.M.B runway look using budget friendly pieces and looked absolutely model-isque. Below are the elements that make up Sammy's ensemble and a little Q&A with her about the inspired look and her personal style. 

Details of look:
Sweater- from H&M $25
Leggings- from Kohl's $5
Lace-up Booties- from Forever 21 $30
Belts- from Forever 21 each $4


CollegeFashionista: Tell us about your look?

Sammy Luterbach: My look is totally inspired by of the moment fashion, but my classics include anything covered in sparkles, feathers, or bold colors. Leopard print is present in almost every ensemble I wear. I'm never afraid to let my personality dictate my clothing choices, and have never let a confused look from a drab stranger dampen my day. Basically, my look can be summed up in the old Ikea ad, "Be brave. Not Beige."

CF: Why do you choose to imitate L.A.M.B’s runway look?

SL: The particular look I imitated was effortlessly cool with a downtown vibe, but it still would be a bit much for walking to my morning classes in. It was easy to make the look my own and a little warmer for the cold temperatures outside, but it still retained the feeling of the original ensemble.

CF: Three words to describe your personal style?

SL: Funky, bold, and eclectic.

CF: Favorite style icon?

SL: Sarah Jessica Parker and Gwen Stefani. They’re both willing to take a risk, but still manage to always look pulled together, lady-like, and chic.

CF: Best thing about street style fashion at University of Wisconsin?

SL: People take chances and want nothing more than to express themselves. I can fully relate and appreciate the large variety of styles I see on a daily basis.

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