TREND: Get Buck!

First off–sorry to the Crime Mob song reference. In my defense, it's hard not to think about that song when talking about these shoes. ANYWAY–white buckskin shoes are the epitome of summer footwear and have been the All-American shoe since the 1930s. White bucks, as they’re often called, may be as popular as the penny loafer to individuals who are influenced by ivy/trad roots. It’s understood that when it comes to footwear, most gentlemen would like to retain an arsenal of essential footwear to rotate through during the year. Suede bucks definitely need to be in that circle.

Although the majority may favor the crispy white appearance of bucks, I’d rather save the tedious action of cleaning them with suede kits and let them wear in to add a bit of character. Overtly, this notion comes with the casual aspect of my outfit. If the scenario was switched to something like a seersucker or linen suit, I’d advise keeping your shoes as clean as possible. That the shoe would fits certain occasions and outfits depending on whether they’re clean or dirty is evidence of its versatility. Presently, bucks are seeing a spike in interest for men’s footwear options. Bucks are now produced by many brands in almost every color you can imagine. Last year, I opted for the classic navy.

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