STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Get Funky with Footwear

Possessing an edge is more than just buying whatever accessory or piece of clothing that catches your eye. It is about snatching up a great piece and making it even better with your own creative and artsy ardor.

Take for instance this Fashionista's foxy footwear. She took a stellar pair of combat boots and went the extra mile by folding them down to create an alluring visual aspect for and overall flirty and funky appeal. It is this imaginative design that has put some of the world’s most renowned fashion designers into a captivated coma. Backstage at fashion shows, designers are always looking for a way to add a contemporary twist to a classic piece before the model struts down the runway.

Getting creative with your footwear can be as simple as folding down the tops of your boots to expose more leg, or you can decide to get a bit more resourceful and unearth your artistic talents. Dig through your closet and revive that dusty old Bedazzler your mom bought you in middle school. Bedazzling a jean jacket or fanny pack may be outdated, but have you ever considered bedazzling some sandals or boots? You can turn your summer sandals into dancing shoes in no time and personalize any shoes to fit your wardrobe.

Make your shoes do more for your style and don’t be afraid to get a little funky.

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