TREND: Going Back to Basics with Black

This Fashion Week, designers are going back to the basics. Most use of bright color has been very minimal, but the styles and tones are quite bold. It is clear that this Fashionista has been keeping up with the latest fashion trends from the NYC catwalk and brings them directly to our campus. While following the latest designer trends, she maintains her own individual style.

Slimming and refined, black is a classic staple of every Fashionista/o’s closet because black works with almost anything. Black, detailed leggings are a hit this season, especially paired with the warrior sandal. This Fashionista makes a daring statement with the tears in her leggings. It is this simple imperfection that makes this outfit stand out. It is hard to say whether this was a purposeful defect or whether they were ripped on accident, but this aspect surely adds to the ensemble’s overall vintage inspired appeal.

While the warrior sandals are certainly fierce, she could have brightened up the look with colored heals or boots as seen here to make the entire outfit stand out even more. However, I must say that the warrior sandals add to the overall mysterious and alluring style she creates. Because she chooses to show off a lot of leg, she makes a smart decision to wear a modest fit dress. I love it! She did not over-accessorize either – the flower is all she needed to add a flirty, feminine touch.

Hint: To find slashed leggings similar to our Fashionista's, check out Forever21. They have a huge selection of leggings in store and online. Ann Taylor Loft has a great collection of black dresses that look great and will help transition you into your fall wardrobe.

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