It is difficult to emphasize only one part of this outfit as the style advice of the week because the entire look is beyond fabulous! The color combination and the fit of her clothes makes this one of my favorite campus looks so far. I saw this Fashionista from a mile away and could not wait to capture her creative style. I will pin my focus on the checkered sunglasses because they are a crucial component of the entire look. Without them, I believe this outfit would portray an entirely different message.

Checkered glasses are the perfect accessory to add to any look because they transform a laid-back style into an inspiring outfit that turns heads. They have an artistic feel and a rebellious appeal. Checkered sunglasses look great on anyone and can be very versatile. They are affordable and practical especially with Colorado’s estimated 300 or more days of sunshine. I suggest you pick up a pair, or two, or three if you have not already done so. Buy many different pairs in a variety of colors so you can tie up your ensemble with your matching accessory checkered sunglasses like this Fashionista did. Find the perfect pair of sunglasses by clicking here.

Checkered sunglasses are practical, affordable, fun, and fashionable. Best of all they are a great look for both guys and gals. This Fashionista added matching checkered sunglasses to her already remarkable outfit and created retro look that was impossible to ignore.

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