TREND: Gray Day Gray

Every day is a mini-battle. Ready to combat school exams? What better way is there to get into the right frame of mind than to lace up your black boots for a firm stand on the ground? The boots shown are lace-up ankle boots. Whatever the style of boots, boots always make you feel a hint more confident than you therwise would have been without them.

What makes a gray day gray? The answer to that question is blasé fashion. Luckily, this Fashionisto is saturated with perfect fashion. Juan's whole look is urban with his jersey zip-up jacket. You half expect him to be New Yorker (known for their cool, effortless fashion on the go). The sturdy ensemble has three shades of black: black boots, dark grey jacket, and light gray shorts. While not soaked with color, his outfit still remains solid from head to steel toe. Currently, J Brand has a menswear collection with subdued colors complimenting their metropolitan type outfits.

Hint: His boots, had he worn them with pants, would have given the outfit a rather formal flair. However, since he decided to don them with a pair of cut-off shorts, it gave him a much more relaxed image. Yet, because the shorts were tight, they still boast the appearance of being much more dressed up than looser shorts would have. Furthermore, his pulled back and gelled hair gave an additional air of sophistication, and because the jersey jacket is like an Posted on Categories UncategorizedTags , , , , , ,

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