I met the duo behind Born and Bread during the Polyvore Live Blogger Show. Standing scared out of our minds behind the curtains, I bonded with Lauren and Julie and immediately became a fan of their blog. Living in the craziness of NYC it's hard to find genuine people who truly love what they are doing and these girls definitely do.

From the excitement of Lauren's Wedding Wednesday column to Julie's daily fashion ensembles, their blog is a great place to turn to for inspiration. Enjoy my Q&A with Born and Bread's, Lauren and Julie. 

CollegeFashionista: At what point in your career did you both decide you wanted to take your talents to the blogging world?

Born and Bread: We were both working in the fashion industry after college graduation (Lauren in the Visual Merchandising at Michael Kors, Julie in the Accessories Buying department  at Ralph Lauren) and we’re looking for a more creative outlet. The blog started on a really simple notion, we
were constantly sharing styling tips, restaurant recommendations and other ins-and-outs of New York City living with each other, friends and co-workers so it seemed like a natural progression for us to take our passions to a public platform.

CF: What are each of your roles for the blog? How do you divide up tasks?

BAB: We both share the roles of the blog in terms of posting and creativity, but Julie is in charge of our social media accounts and Lauren facilitates brand partnerships and correspondence.

CF: What has been the most exciting experience you have had recently because of Born & Bread?

BAB: I think in general, the most exciting part is to hear that people are responding to our posts and appreciate our insights. The other weekend
we were at dinner together in the West Village and approached by an adorable ‘fan’ who reads our blog everyday—that certainly made our night! Other than that, we get really inspired and enjoy collaborating with different bloggers and designers. Teaming up for the PolyvoreLive
fashion show, hosting Fashion Night’s Out at SCOOP in the MeatPacking District, and working with brands like Tory Burch, Nine West, TJ Maxx and BaubleBar makes the chaos of the blog (plus our full-time jobs) all the more exciting and worthwhile.

CF: Do you remember where and when you were when you thought of the brilliant name, 'Born and Bread?' What is the story behind the name?

BAB: Yes! It’s all a play on words, but we wanted the name of the blog to represent our fast-paced lifestyles in Manhattan. Lauren is a true ‘born and bred’ New Yorker, while Julie has learned to call New York her home. While the blog is definitely fashion-centric, we didn’t want to limit ourselves to that- hence the incorporation of ‘bread’ in the name. We really blog about anything and everything that we enjoy—fashion, food, interior design, trends, travel, restaurants, events, etc.

CF: Which styles/trends from fashion week are you most looking forward to?

BAB: We both really responded to all the texture and patterns that walked the catwalk. It’s all about layers and for the most part, easy-to-wear pieces!

CF: How do you think your blog stands out from others out there?

BAB: We like to think our blog stands out because there are two of us behind it— a true partnership and friendship, which everyone can relate to. We also really appreciate the highs and lows of fashion and try to provide an honest perspective on our site. We might blog about incredible runway fashions or luxurious home interiors, but always try to give ‘real life’ options because at the end of the day—we’re just two girls trying to ‘make it’ in the big city. Through birthdays, break-ups, blemishes and now blogging, we’ve always gone through everything as a team… and now, love bringing our readers along for the ride!

CF: Which recent post of yours makes you the most proud?

BAB: We were recently featured in the December 2011 issue of VOGUE magazine in a partnership with Absolut Vodka—we styled the ‘Absolut Night In’ for the ultimate holiday party at home. This was extremely fun and an absolute dream-come-true to see our faces and ideas in the pages of VOGUE! We’re also very proud of our ‘Wedding Wednesday’ series, which took our readers on the journey of Lauren trying to plan her wedding and all the fun (sometimes stressful) decisions that come with it. In general, we really just love bringing our experiences in the fashion industry and city living to life for our readers (like here and here).

CF: Do you foresee making any major changes to Born and Bread in the future?

BAB: We have high hopes for the blog and lots of future plans—we don’t foresee any major future changes besides possibly a blog re-design, but we look forward to joining forces with more inspiring brands and bloggers.

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