I spotted this young, emerging blogger in Olsenboye's recent campaign and immediately fell in love with her free-spirited personality. With an ever growing resume of fashion internships and brand collaborations, Olivia Lopez makes it hard not to envy her blog Lust for Life. Residing in SoCal, this Fashionista's blog chronicles life as a teenager and her daily fashion choices and inspiration. While being in high school is definitely a full-time job, Olivia has proven that there is always time for fashion and, of course, her blog. Enjoy our Q&A and be sure to check out her blog “Lust for Life”.

CollegeFashionista: How did you break into the blogging community? When did your blog launch?

Olivia Lopez: I launched my blog in October 2006 as a freshman in high school. It initially didn’t start as a fashion blog, but an online journal of my weekend outings and recaps of the concerts, shows, and a series of random events I would venture out to with my friends, but as time grew on more and more people requested to share my outfit posts J

CF: Are you a full time blogger? If not, what else do you do?

OL: I’m also a full time student (finishing my last year in high school, phew!) and interned as an assistant buyer and have been trained as a buyer for a Buy/Sell/Trade. Once in awhile I style shoots as well as model for friends’ of friends’ companies, and every summer I always enroll myself in an internship.

CF: Who inspires your style?

OL: People on the street, the people I get to meet, and the musical genre of the 1960’s-1970’s.

CF: What blogs do you read?

OL: I love, love man repeller. Her blog is witty, entertaining, and her clothes are just magic on the screen.

CF: What is the most rewarding thing about being a blogger?

OL: The people you encounter and the range of opportunities that is offered is the most rewarding part. Things I couldn’t imagine myself doing if it weren’t for my blog just makes every opportunity seem so surreal!

CF: Tell us your favorite brand you have worked with so far?

OL: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s JC Penny Line, Olsenboye! The crew I worked with was just so easy-going and the girls were so much fun!

CF: Where are your favorite spots to shop?

OL: Melrose on Sundays, Flea markets, Barney’s, Goodwill, and the sale section on Opening

CF: Favorite trend this spring?

OL: White-on-white, and rose gold.

CF. Describe your blog in one word.

OL: Serendipity.

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