TREND: Haute Couture Houndstooth

Finals are upon us and that stress causes students to undress, that is, not to dress up as they’d normally would. UGGs, North Faces jackets and sweats are the norm around the holiday season of college. Thus, when I notice an individual still making an effort, well, that is the definition of a true Fashionista. Regardless of tests, they still manage to look their best!

One of the easiest ways to still show off your style in this crazy time of the year is to throw on a chic overcoat! Though traditional plaid has been heralded as the pattern for fall, we’re seeing more and more houndstooth! I’m crazy about this trend, for there’s something modern and classic about it. It takes a certain girl to dare to wear the bold print without being majorly overwhelmed. Thus, I love how this Fashionista managed to keep the rest of the outfit clean and neutral. The bright lavender scarf adds a touch of color to the otherwise black and white outfit.

Houndstooth’s characteristic broken check pattern can be adorned with diamonds, red lips and pumps or relaxed with skinny jeans and your favorite boots. It’s a versatile jacket that always leaves you feeling put together in an elegant, fashionable way. Not only can it be worn many different ways, it also keeps you Vogue-worthy warm!

Hint: Houndstooth is a bold choice in an oversized print but it’s demurely classic when the pattern is on a smaller scale. If you’re not ready to rock out an entire jacket of this pattern, throw on a scarf or headband.

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