HIGH SCHOOL FASHIONISTA: Beverly Hills High, California

As CollegeFashionista continues their hunt for high school fashion in the “dazzling and prestigious” Beverly Hills, they may be in for a little surprise. Contrary to a common misconception, the ostentatious glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills doesn’t sparkle so brightly on the high school campus. Although some teenagers are still keeping up with the stereotypes by driving their Mercedes-Benzes, it is still a fortunate scarcity to find someone wearing oh-so expensive, not-so-hip designer clothes. As a matter of fact, the ones who are really standing out from the crowd of stressed-out students wearing their jeans and T-shirts are the creative kids scattered throughout the prevailing cliques. Many of the true fashion innovators are obviously the artists taking advantage of this enjoyable outlet to self-expression. Additionally, we also see it in the “alternative” crowd, the intellectuals, as well as some miscellaneous fashion-inclined individuals.

Now, what I like to say is the individuals who make fashion trends are the ones who don’t care too much to follow them religiously. And in Beverly Hills High School, I looked for just those people! Of course we are all still inevitably swayed by external influences; but still, my fellow high school students, don’t waste your time trying so hard to fit in—it’s about being your own bold person. Find your uniqueness and embrace it—that’s when you actually make a genuine fashion statement!

“My style stems from Berkeley's vintage stores to Fairfax's flea markets. I am in love with the culture and fashion from the '60s and '70s and am bringing it back with similar groovy patterns and lots of colors!”

-Sarah Peskin, 16, 11th grade

“My style is hip with a grunge feel to it, always implementing edgy jeans paired with combat boots into my outfit. I also love to accessorize like Lucy Hale from Pretty Little Liars. She's definitely someone I look up to for her individual fashion sense and her eagerness to look different.”

-Rachel Benezra, 16, 11th grade

“My style is homemade and indie, consisting majorly of floral patterns and my jean jacket. I like to dress to impress and having my mom bring home vintage material for making skirts and dresses really helps!”

-AJ Parry, 16, 11th grade

“My style has a lo-fi, no age feel to it with an added intellectual side as well. I try to stay subtle and not be too conspicuous. It usually consists of a band shirt paired with a flannel and a solid pair of jeans.”

-James Fast, 16, 11th grade

“My style is urban and eccentric. I like to explore with many different patterns and color combinations. Experimenting with clothes is something I love and I'm really considering going to FIDM. I love designing shoes and handbags, in fact the handbag I'm holding currently is one of my designs.”

-Kayla Kaniel, 17, 12th grade

“My style is sophisticated and chic. I like to wear form fitting clothes with colors consisting mostly of earth tones and subtle shabby chic patterns to complete the outfit. The one bright attribute to my look is my red lipstick, I love how it pops!”

-Ariella Kaniel, 17, 12th grade

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