HIGH SCHOOL FASHIONISTA: Crossroads School, California

CollegeFashionista is excited to be rolling out a new column: High School Fashionista. For so long students in high school have looked up to college students to see what they are wearing. But fashion and self-expression have become a focus at a younger age and today's high school student is just as inspirational as their collegiate counterparts. High school is the perfect time to start finding your personal style and voice. We are thrilled to be featuring these six High School Fashionistas from Crossroads School in California, with editorial brought to you by Amanda Glickman.

When you walk into Crossroads, you immediately see hundreds of students hanging out in the alley— yes, an actual alley— which lies in the very center of the multiple scattered buildings around the school.  Among those buildings, there is one in particular that will catch your eye: the Arts Building. Facing the alley, there are painted walls with mini murals made by students, all completely different, colorful and each has their own meaning. Crossroads is a perfect place for students to excel at their talents, especially through the arts.

Fashion is a huge example of self-expression at Crossroads.  Because there are no uniforms, students of every age take the freedom and show off their unique sense of style. High school is the time when you experiment with different looks and trends. It’s the time when you and your friends go shopping at kooky vintage shops and your favorite boutiques. It’s the time when the clothes you wear have interesting stories as accessories to match with them.

Six Crossroads High School Fashionistas were interviewed about their own personal styles:

“My style is eclectic, I go from edgy to vintage to girly to classic to boho. It’s always different. I love the styles of Tavi Genvinson, Elle Fanning, Alexa Chung and the Olsen twins.”
– Amanda Glickman, 14, 9th grade, Visual artist.

“My style comes from all over the world—it’s very diverse. I love Katherine Hepburn and Alexa Chung’s styles.”
– Maya Karp, 15, 10th grade, Actress.

“I’m edgy and preppy. I usually wear a variation of the same thing everyday—it’s my signature school uniform. I love Grace Coddington’s style.”
–Sophie Levine, 15, 10th grade, Photographer.

“My style is mostly vintage and thrifted, with a little bit of grunge and hippie. I found this top in the lost and found at CalArts during a summer program. I cut it myself.“
-Hayley Jones, 16, 11th grade, Actress.

“My style is inspired by the '20s, '30s, '50s, Japan and film actresses from the '60s. I dress minimally and conservatively and I love vintage. This is my favorite dark lipstick to wear. It’s MAC.”
-Lilli Elias, 16, 11th grade, Musician.

“My style is 1920’s, boyish and southern. I love vintage and thrifted clothing. I like to write and I want to be an archeologist.”
– Audrey Corsa, 17, 12th grade, Actress.

Wherever you go and whatever school you attend, you are amongst the next Vogue Magazine editors, the next fashion designers, the next actresses, the next stylists and the next generation of Fashionistas.

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